Our Services

  Shipping Agency

Our Company provides agency service to all kinds of ship (Container, Bulk Load, Project…) in all seaports, particularly in the Seaport Trabzon.


Stocking and Storing

Our company provides stocking services to mine loads mainly and adeptly and all kinds of load requested and long-termed storing services in the stocking area within the Seaport Trabzon.


Container Services

-Cleanup of the Containers: All kinds of containers are made ready for loading according to the feature of the all kinds of loads. -Covering-Bagging with Nylon of the Containers: Service of covering and bagging with nylon are provided, if requested, according to the feature of the load in the container. - Container Timekeeping, Loading-Weighing Supervision: Our Company provides services of supervision for loading and weighing operations within the limits required by unloading seaports of the containers, and for timekeeping and preparing weight lists.


Bulk Loading Services

Our Company provides services for management of loading operation required by the bulk load ship in all kinds and tonnage, provision of the weighing of the goods and terminal, providing documentation and instantaneous informing and reporting required by the loading operation with its professional team being specialized in the bulk load service.


Lashing & Unlashing

Our Company provides service for containerizing and discharging of loads requiring all lashing and unlashing, particularly marble loads.


Outdoor Area Container Filling

Our Company provides service for loading of all kinds of load to outdoor area, when required, with our 2 ton loader specific for loading, professional operator, specific steel ramp with hydraulic setting designed specifically for containerizing outdoor area loads within our company.


Land Transport

Our Company provides solution partnership in the services of the land transport on demand to every region of Turkey, particularly to seaports in the Region of Black Sea.